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    myFIVEby is based in the beautiful city of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain, and run by a committed, English/ Catalan team.

    Harry heads up the team and is committed to making myFIVEby as good as it can be. Harry loves travelling and has lived in London, Boston, Seville and Barcelona. One of his passions is sailing and he’s proud to say he's represented his country on the international circuit.


    You couldn’t find a more rounded programmer than Alex. He’s both a front and back end developer with a real passion for design. Alex is fast, accurate and incredibly well versed in almost all areas of programming. It’s said that the better Alex’s code, the more FC Barcelona win. And let's face it - they win a lot!


    Victor spends at least 27 hours a day reading and is always up to date with the latest startups and tech info. He’s great at feature development and full of brilliant ideas for online marketing. Victor loves cycling and travelling, and spent several months doing a motorcycle tour of Australia's outback!

    Born and raised in England, Simon started programming at the age of 10. He’s a back end developer and sys admin and has worked with clients such as Audi. When not writing code or managing the system, Simon can be found in his music studio.