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    Writing your Blog

    myFIVEby is your blank canvas. It’s an opportunity to write, create, converse, share, learn, teach, discover, consider and much more.

    If you use myFIVEby to write, here are a few tips that might help you:

    Add an Existing Blog

    If you already write a blog, you can add it to myFIVEby using the RSS feed and gain exposure to the community! 

    It’s really easy to set up and means that every new post you create will get published automatically on myFIVEby.


    Simply login, go to the settings menu and then “Connections”, and then add the URL of your website.  Our system will automatically detect any feeds and then let you add them. Remember, you can change or remove these at any time.

    Following others here and reading posts about topics that interest you may just help solve the old problem of writer’s block, too!