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    Sometimes, you want to communicate a message to your customers. Other times, you want to listen to them. In either case, the aim is to make your business better. At myFIVEby, we can help you with both. 

    Communicate: Add your Blog to myFIVEby

    myFIVEby is based on a simple, but powerful idea: It should be easy to create, share and discover quality content. 

    Writing your blog here, or adding your existing blog via RSS, makes it more visible and easier to interact with than other standalone places, including your website. The more people can engage with your content, the more they are likely to consider, share, discuss, refer and act. 

    myFIVEby is your opportunity to engage people and build real connections.  

    Listen: Start Conversations

    On myFIVEby, you can start conversations to enable your followers to share their ideas with you.  

    Listening to your customers is important because it helps make your business better. This can mean selling more, increasing brand recognition, stimulating innovation, improving products, obtaining feedback, gauging consumer sentiment, discovering future trends and much more.  

    Universal Conversations

    We've also created a way to both inspire and learn from the WHOLE community.

    Universal Conversations go out to everyone! We ask genuinely interesting questions that encourage real conversation and participation!


    Universal Conversations help us build real connections with and amongst our users. 

    It’s a great way to stimulate discussion, conduct market research and spread your message.

    To find our more about starting your own Universal Conversation, please email engage [at] myfiveby dot com.