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    What is myFIVEby?

    myFIVEby is a beautifully simple place to write and share ideas, start conversations and discover great content.

    We call it blogging, reinvented because it’s a dedicated place to write, without the hassle of setup or design and with more people around to bounce ideas off of. That said, it’s not just for “bloggers” and, in fact, many of our members had never written posts online before they found myFIVEby. Now, they tell us that they love expressing their ideas and preserving their stories.

    myFIVEby is based on the simple, but powerful idea that it should be easy to create and discover great content online, by people just like you.

    If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you! Get in contact with us via  


    We started building myFIVEby in August 2011 with a slightly different objective. In fact, very different! We wanted to create a platform to let people share the five most important principles they  live by (things like “fail spectacularly” - that’s why it’s called “my five by”!). As we started building, we realised that the structure we’d planned would be able to support something with a wider focus. We started thinking about what and how people share online and looking around at what else was available. This is what we realised:

    Millions of people have started blogs but, in fact, most of them are abandoned. This is because blogs are complicated to set up and maintain (there’s lots of pressure to focus on the way it looks when, really, it’s the content that matters), isolated (it can be really hard to get people to visit your blog and, without interaction, you can eventually run out of things to say) and there’s no clear focus on what’s most important: the content itself.

    Since then, we’ve dedicated ourselves to fixing this.  

    Our Mission

    1. To be bold in rethinking what and how we share online.
    2. To make myFIVEby intuitive and beautiful.

    Our Philosophy

    Don't wait for the inspiration, wait for the urge. Do what you love and don't worry about how others occupy their time.